Wired Cycles is an e-bike store with the goal of bringing both innovation and quality products into the electric bicycle market. Nowadays, electric bicycles (also known as e-bikes or pedelecs) are becoming more and more popular among bikers as a means of urban transport and suiting their various cycling needs. For this reason, Wired Cycles aims to give cyclists (newbies and pros alike) the privilege of making their biking activities more stylish, safe, and enjoyable.

The electric bikes at Wired Cycles are fun and easy to ride. With reliable electric drive trains that can supplement or assist the power input of the cyclists, their products are quite efficient for long urban travels or fun recreational biking activities. The advantages of the electric bicycles offered by Wired Cycles include the following:

  • Their products are very efficient and affordable to run
  • Their bicycles only require a small amount of maintenance
  • Their e-bikes do not emit any hazardous exhaust gas which improves the air quality of the environment where they are being used
  • Their bikes are clean and can be stored inside an apartment or unit
  • Their bicycles offer extra speed and range which allows for longer commutes in a shorter time span
  • Their e-bikes give the biking newbies the confidence that they need when it comes to taking trips without them worrying about being able to complete the trip and pass through various road obstacles
  • Their bicycles enable the riders to maintain a higher amount of speed and travel with traffic in congested or low speed places